Friday, March 30, 2007

Tree of the Season

Here's a beautiful tree to continue the tradition of that gorgeous orange tree from October 2006! Duke Gardens, 3/30/07.

Sanding and our debut

John demonstrates how to sand.

Angela does some damage.

John sands the edges and hard-to-reach corners by hand. The sides had only had one coat of paint so far, so the sanding makes it look awful, but it leaves the surface perfectly smooth and free of brush strokes for the next coat.

Also, we didn't take any pictures at the event, but many thanks to John for organizing an informal debut for our harpsichord. Thank you, those of you who came to see and hear. The program is below.

Harpsichord Recital, March 6, 5:30pm

Sonata in F: Largo, Georg Telemann

- Karen Cook, recorder, and John Santoianni, harpsichord

Partita in B-flat major: Praeludium, J. S. Bach
- Angela Mace

Prelude in C minor, WTC I, J. S. Bach
- Elizabeth Terry

Chaconne in G minor, Louis Couperin
- Robert Parkins

Les tendres plaints, Jean-Philippe Rameau
- John Santoianni

Le Réveille-matin, François Couperin
- Jessica Wood

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More case work

We are using a time-honored method of filling in dents and dings in the wooden case--Bondo! After the filler cured, we use a sander.

Here Paul sands the bentside.

Two coats of primer were put on and sanded smooth. Karen sands the spine. We attached the sander to a vacuum to keep the dust to a minimum.

Here a technique is used to sand the top edge of the case. The board spans the case, and the sandpaper smooths the top and makes it perpendicular to the sides.

Battens span the front and rear of the lid flap as well as the "wing" portion of the lid for support and strength. Here Elizabeth and Paul attach one of the battens using their fine clamping skills--and are cleaning up as they go.